Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei meets Chavez; the Americans miscalculated situation in Lebanon

Por Venezuela Real - 3 de Agosto, 2006, 18:44, Categoría: Política Internacional

Al Manar TV
July 30th, 2006

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has become a popular figure in the Arab and Islamic worlds, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Saturday during a meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Tehran. The Imam added that the Americans encouraged Israel to continue the previously planned war so that they could take one long and practical step toward implementing their so-called the Greater Middle East Initiative, but they had not considered the Lebanese nation in their calculations, for the heroic and wonderful resistance of the Lebanese nation and Hezbollah has caused the U.S. to come up against a wall. For his part, Chavez said that a retrogressive trend is seen in the Unites States.

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