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 La carta enviada por Bill Delahunt de Masachusetts y Gregory Meeks de Nueva York, al Presidente Hugo Chávez tiene una importancia muy particular porque estos dos Diputados han sido los amigos más constantes que tiene Chávez en la clase política norteamericana. Han venido varias veces a Venezuela, invitaron a Chávez a visitarlos en EEUU y fundaron el llamado "Grupo de Boston", con el objetivo de mejorar las relaciones entre ambos países.

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Bill Delahunt today sent the following letter to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in protest of his remarks before the United Nation's General Assembly this week.  He was joined by Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York.

The Honorable Hugo Chavez Frias
President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela

Dear President Chavez:

We are writing to register our profound disgust with your remarks to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, September 20th in New York. 

We recognize that, as the elected leader of a sovereign country, you have the unfettered right to express your views on any issue; you are free to argue passionately about your disagreements with the foreign policy of the United States.  However, we believe that an ad hominem attack has no place in a venue such as the United Nations.  Such vitriolic, personal disrespect needlessly inflames the strained relations between our two governments and demeans the United Nations.  Expressing your disagreements with the Bush Administration in a more constructive manner would have better served both the Venezuelan and American people.

While you may have thought that your remarks distinguished between President Bush and the American people, it is important that you understand that even those of us who object to Bush Administration policies found your speech to be offensive, as respect for the office of the President is common to all Americans.  Such a gratuitous personal attack on the individual currently occupying that office is a direct insult to the people of the United States.

As you well know, for years we have labored to promote a respectful and constructive relationship between our two nations.  There is much that binds us together, and the myriad problems confronting us include hunger, poverty, inequality, and disease, which have no respect for borders or national sovereignty.  One of these common challenges is the devastating plague of illegal narcotics and its accompanying crime, corruption, and health issues, which particularly hurt our least fortunate citizens.  Therefore those of us who truly want to help the poor have dedicated ourselves to fighting this scourge.

We ask that you now join us in this fight.  For some time, representatives of both of our governments have been carefully negotiating an accord that would enhance cooperation between Venezuela and the United States in the battle against illegal narcotics.  We understand that the administration of President Bush is prepared to sign this agreement, and that the only remaining hurdle is your consent.  Approving this accord would send a powerful signal to the American people that you respect them and that you are willing to work with us on issues of mutual concern.  Therefore, we urge you to seize this opportunity, and sign this agreement.

We have tried to maintain open dialogue with you despite the differences between your government and that of President Bush.  We urge you, for the good of the Venezuelan and American people alike, to refrain from such offensive and damaging statements in the future. 


William D. Delahunt       Gregory W. Meeks

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