Venezuela offers Integration, Not Intervention

Por Venezuela Real - 11 de Octubre, 2006, 21:58, Categoría: Historia Oficial

 Los grupos de izquierda, a nivel mundial, preparan cartas de solidaridad  con el gobierno de Venezuela y recogen firmas, ante la proximidad de las elecciones del 3 de diciembre.

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Lasc Solidarity
October 11, 2006

Since democratically elected President Hugo Chavez began his term in 1999, Venezuela has become a leader in regional integration and cooperation.  From numerous development projects in the Caribbean to humanitarian aid with the North and security agreements in the South, Venezuela"s foreign policy reflects a more humanistic approach to international relations. 
While some try to reduce it to nothing more than a political tool, we categorically reject the notion that President Chávez is interfering in other countries affairs and applaud his efforts to use Venezuela"s oil profits for the poor of his country and the hemisphere.
In 2005, for example, the Venezuelan government initiated PetroCaribe to ease the energy burden on the Caribbean by providing countries with oil through beneficial financing terms.  A significant part of this initiative is aimed at aiding countries in developing their own energy infrastructure, diversifying energy sources, and increasing efficiency. The money thesehis countries save is then invested in a regional social development fund to benefit the poor.
In South America Venezuela continues to cooperate with Colombia to combat narco-trafficking and terrorism.  Most notably this has been done through Venezuela"s increase in border patrols at the Colombian border and its help in facilitating peace.  President Uribe has even praised President Chavez for his help in this effort, stating that he is a "champion" of the Colombian peace process.

Most impressive of all, Venezuela is working tirelessly to improve the overall health of the region.  Currently, citizens throughout the Western Hemisphere are traveling to Venezuela to receive free eye surgery for glaucoma and cataracts.  In return their nations" are trading domestically produced goods with Venezuela.   In the most well known agreement Cuban doctors have been sent to Venezuela to provide heath care for those living in poor neighborhoods.  In exchange, Cuba is receiving discounted oil.

Venezuela"s initiatives constitute a meaningful effort at regional integration, not intervention.  Despite Washington"s comments to the contrary, Venezuela is a stabilizing force for the developing world.   As presidential elections near in Venezuela, we ask that the will of the Venezuelan population, as articulated through their votes cast on December 3rd, be fully respected.

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