Workers' Rights, Revolution and U.S. Intervention

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 Nota: Lasc Solidarity y Hands off Venezuela son los grandes parapetos que, en el mundo anglosajón, promueven el gobierno de Chávez

Lasc Solidarity

November 05, 2006

A Report Back from the NW Labor Delegation to Venezuela and Colombia

Nine delegates representing unions in the Portland area are on their way November 9th to Venezuela and Colombia to meet with labor leaders and see first hand the role of the United States in these two South American countries. Organized by the Cross Border Labor Organizing Council (CBLOC), this group will be giving a report-back on December 5th to share their exciting experiences. The delegation includes: Daniel Bonham, UBC Local 1065 Salem OR, Executive Director, Fair Contracting Foundation; Dan Denvir, CBLOC/PCASC staff;  Michael Hanna, AFSME Local 88; Peter Parks, ILWU Local 8; Rosalie Pedroza, SEIU Local 503; Robert Poppe, ILWU Local 4; Lorene Scheer, SEIU 503 staff; Steven Toff, AWPPW staff; and May Wallace, OEA.

These union delegates will meet with workers, activists, government officials and opposition figures in Venezuela to determine how workers and the labor movement have faired since President Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998. Delegates will look into claims that poor Venezuelans have increased political power, along with unprecedented access to good healthcare and education. In Colombia, delegates will meet with workers and farmers and investigate the effects of U.S. military aid and a proposed bi-lateral free trade deal has on average Colombians. Colombia is the most dangerous place in the world to be a labor activist. 

Does Hugo Chavez promote progressive social change and independant labor unions? Does the AFL-CIO buy votes in Venezuela? Is the United States involved in the brutal killing of labor leaders in Colombia? Come hear our take on these and other questions.

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