Chavez Cruises to Re-Election

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Cato Daily Dispatch
December 4, 2006

"Emboldened by a resounding reelection, President Hugo Chavez pledged to shake up Venezuela with a more radical version of socialism and forge a wider front against the United States in Latin America," the Associated Press reports. "'Long live the revolution!' Chavez shouted from the balcony of the presidential palace. 'Venezuela is demonstrating that a new and better world is possible, and we are building it.' ... Chavez, who says he sees Fidel Castro as a father, dedicated his victory to the ailing 80-year old Cuban leader, and called it a blow against President Bush. 'It's another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world,' Chavez said. 'Down with imperialism. We need a new world.'"

In "Hugo Chávez's Unfulfilled Promises," Gustavo Coronel, former board member of Petroleos de Venezuela and former Venezuelan representative to Transparency International, author of the recent Cato policy analysis "Corruption, Mismanagement, and Abuse of Power in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela," writes: "Venezuelans and their neighbors would do well to compare Hugo Chávez's record to his rhetoric. In 1998, Chávez capitalized on public frustration and ran for the presidency on a strong anti-corruption platform, defeating Henrique Salas Romer, former Governor of the state of Carabobo, an excellent public manager but perceived as an elititist. Eight years later, Chávez's promises remain unfulfilled, and democracy has given way to an authoritarian regime in which the electoral system is totally under his control. ... Chávez has focused domestic spending on consolidating his political power. ... The results of this tragic situation are clear: in spite of its gigantic oil income, Venezuela stands today at the bottom of the development ladder in Latin America. Rankings of international organizations such as Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World report, the UN Human Development Index and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization show the country in a declining trend."

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