Chavismo: A Hugo problem.

Por Venezuela Real - 13 de Marzo, 2007, 9:53, Categoría: Prensa Internacional

Carlos A. Ball, Eneas Biglione, Peter Brookes,
Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Ivan Osorio
NRO  - Symposium
National Review On line
March 12, 2007

This weekend, the dictator of Venezuela shadowed the president of the United States as he traveled through Latin America. In response to Hugo Chavez’s behavior this weekend, National Review Online asked regional watchers: What can and should the U.S. do about Hugo Chavez? How much of a threat is he to us and to our allies in the region?

Carlos A. Ball

Attacking and insulting President Bush tends to increase the popularity of Latin American politicians, something that tells a great deal about the hemispheric un-neighborly relations.

It is deplorable that that the U.S. has been making enemies among its traditional Latin friends — with the explosion of red tape, unfriendly consular officials have been treating travelers as potential terrorists and investors as presumed drug dealers.

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