ARGENTINA: Serial scandals show strategy shortcomings

Por Venezuela Real - 16 de Agosto, 2007, 16:18, Categoría: Prensa Internacional

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August 16, 2007

EVENT: Presidential candidate Senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and  running mate Julio Cobos launched their campaign on August 14.
SIGNIFICANCE: The launch coincided with a series of scandals that have  undermined the government's image among its middle-class constituency.
ANALYSIS: The launch of the presidential campaign of Senator Cristina  Fernandez de Kirchner and her running mate, Mendoza Governor Julio  Cobos (expelled from the opposition Radical party after joining the  government ticket), has been marred by a new scandal that threatens to touch  both members of the government and its closest allies:
• On August 4, a Venezuelan businessman named Alejandro Antonini  Wilson entered the country with nearly 800,000 dollars, undeclared, in  his suitcase, on a private flight chartered by Argentine state oil  company Enarsa and in the company of Enarsa's president,  representatives of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and three  members of the Argentine Planning Ministry, including the head of  the roads concessions division, Claudio Uberti.
• Antonini, who has apparently entered Argentina twelve times this  year, arrived two days before a visit by Venezuelan President Hugo  Chavez; the case was not reported until several days later.
• Uberti, known as an important nexus between Buenos Aires and  Caracas, in particular for Planning Minister Julio de Vido (who had  earlier pressed for him to be named ambassador to Caracas), was  sacked on August 9

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