Political labels on Peruvian tuna cans criticized

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Miami Herald
August 21, 2007

Tuna cans with labels touting a Peruvian politician and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez have provoked controversy in Peru.

A Peruvian political party Monday denied responsibility for tuna cans, allegedly handed out to victims of last week's killer earthquake, bearing labels promoting the party's leader and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

Lima's Expreso newspaper reported that supporters of Ollanta Humala, a populist like Chávez who lost the most recent Peruvian presidential elections, had handed out the tuna cans donated by Venezuela for victims of the quake, which killed at least 540 people.

The cans carry a red label with the faces of Chávez and Humala on either side of the ''O'' logo for Humala's Nationalist Party. Expreso reported the can also carried the following message in Spanish:
``In the face of the natural disaster that shook Peru, and above all our home region of Ica, the Peruvian Nationalist Party, with our leader Ollanta, makes its presence felt, together with our sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose president is our brother Hugo Chávez, because the Peruvian government is acting in an inefficient manner, slowly and without heart, not caring about the pain of the victims and leaving them at the mercy of hunger, thirst and looting.''

A Nationalist Party statement issued Monday denied any role in the case, blamed it on a ''weak and cowardly'' campaign to damage its image and demanded an ``immediate investigation.''

President Alan García said he does not believe that Humala was responsible for the cans, but Peruvian journalists said it's possible that supporters of Humala or Chávez in the quake-hit region could have put the labels on the cans.

Humala, who lost the run-off against García in 2006, promised a radical redistribution of wealth in Peru much along the lines of Chávez's ''21st Century Socialism'' in Venezuela.

Expreso reported the tuna cans were handed out from Nationalist Party trucks in the cities most affected by the quake, including Pisco, Ica, Chincha and Cañete.

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