Chavez at it Again

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Craig Chamberlain
The Conservative Voice
August 21, 2007

You would think that in a day and age where Marxism is a discredited ideology, adhered to only by university professors who live in the past, and when most countries ruled by a communist party are moving away from Marxism, that no one would be embracing the failed philosophy. But apparently Hugo Chavez never got the memo. He's too busy copying Fidel Castro and the wonderful, perfectly functioning, politically free paradise his revolution has created.

Not content with rigging elections, giving himself a rubber stamp congress, nationalizing the economy, or shutting down opposition media, he now wants to cut out the middle man and have himself declared President for life. As Fidel's ideological heir is about to make his move I can hear political science professors across America cheering. Once again an exciting anti American thug is about to make his people serfs, while preaching the gospel of anti western revolution. That's just one of the problems with the left. While the right ejected its love for right wing dictators, the left just can't stop from swooning over any petty tyrant that breathes out threatenings against the U.S. and denounces the western world, while paradoxically embraces the western philosophy of Marxism.

When Hugo rigged the recall vote to keep himself in power, the left shrugged, when he nationalized the economy robbing ordinary people of economic freedom, they cheered, when he shut down opposition media they smiled, thinking that anyone who speaks out against a Marxist must be a fascist and deserves to be silenced. They see no problem with a dictator, so long as that dictator hates America.(yes, it's true that there are those on the right who have no problem with dictators as long as they are pro American. They are wrong to think that way, and their numbers are shrinking.)

The real problem with Hugo is that the U.S. supports him. Forty five percent of Venezuelan exports(mostly crude oil) go to the United States, while thirty percent of Venezuelan imports come from the United States. The simple fact is that Hugo wouldn't be making much money if we stopped buying his oil, and stopped selling him the equipment needed to get to that oil. A weaker economy would make Hugo more unpopular than he already is. Now, sanctions have not gotten rid of Fidel or the Mullahs, but just because economic action has not toppled a regime is no reason for us to get into bed with it.

Chavez is a dictator, and a threat to American security. He has to go. While our vision has been focused on the middle east we have ignored Latin America. Chavez has used his oil wealth to create a bloc of anti-American regimes throughout the region. Take away his oil money and his puppet allies won't be able to support themselves.

The American government, which is supposed to be about spreading democracy, is allowing dictatorships to flourish in our own backyard. It's time that the United States put Hugo out of business, the sooner the better.

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