Cuba, Venezuela faulted on treatment of media

Por Venezuela Real - 15 de Octubre, 2007, 16:50, Categoría: Libertad de Expresión

Miami Herald
15 de octubre de 2007

Reports presented to the Inter American Press Association on Sunday denounced the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, accusing them of hampering independent news gathering through harassment and arrests of journalists.

Reports on Cuba and Venezuela -- based on information from IAPA members -- indicated that independent journalists are facing more curbs in Cuba while freedom of the press, long a valued tradition in Venezuela, is facing a grave threat.

The state of the media in Cuba and Venezuela drew close scrutiny Sunday by participants at the Inter American Press Association's convention in Miami.

A report on Cuba deplored harsh conditions in the detention of at least 27 journalists and outlined restrictions for working journalists.

''Cuban authorities insist in their arbitrary behavior by reducing to one hour a day per journalist the access to the Internet from newspapers, magazines and other official media,'' according to the report read by Humberto Castelló, executive editor of El Nuevo Herald.

At the meeting were Blanca González, mother of Normando Hernández, a Cuban journalist sentenced to 25 years in prison, and Olga Alonso, sister of journalist Ricardo González Alfonso, sentenced to 20 years.

The Venezuela report warned that the government of President Hugo Chávez is attempting to stifle independent and critical reporting.

At the same time, it said, Venezuela is sponsoring the creation of citizen groups to oversee and pressure the media for the purpose of ensuring control of the press.

David Natera, director of the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Caroní, read the report on the South American country. He said the Venezuelan government ignored a constitutional requirement for unfettered access to public information.

The reports are deemed preliminary and are subject to approval at the final IAPA session Tuesday.

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