Castro lauds Chávez for his latest tirade

Por Venezuela Real - 12 de Noviembre, 2007, 18:28, Categoría: Prensa Internacional

Miami Herald

November 12, 2007

Fidel Castro broke two weeks of silence Sunday, applauding his close friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for having ''leveled devastating criticisms at Europe'' during a summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

In a brief essay published on the front pages of state newspapers, the ailing 81-year-old Castro also praised speeches by leftist presidents Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Eva Morales of Bolivia during the Ibero-American summit, which wrapped up Saturday in Santiago, Chile.

He blasted conservative leaders at the meeting, singling out El Salvador's President Tony Saca, a U.S. ally.

Castro did not discuss a phone call he placed to the Venezuelan leader Saturday after the summit closed, but wrote that ``Chávez leveled devastating criticisms at Europe, the same Europe that pretended to offer lessons on good governance at this Latin American summit.''

Nor did he mention that the gathering ended with a heated exchange between Chávez and King Juan Carlos of Spain, who told the Venezuelan president to ``shut up.''

Chávez triggered the undiplomatic exchange by repeatedly callingformer Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar a ``fascist.'

Castro has not been seen in public since a series

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