The Americas Report, December 13, 2007

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The Americas Report
December 13, 2007

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Main News :

• Bolivia: Governors declare independence from the Central Government. IMPORTANT: Presence of Venezuelans in Bolivian oil zone condemned.

• Spain investigates ETA's presence in Venezuela.

• NEWS ALERT:  Possible Illegal contributions from Chávez to Ms. Kirchner's campaign discovered. Argentina: Cristina Fernández sworn in as President. New Argentinian president wishes Venezuela to join Mercosur soon. Bank of the South was born in Buenos Aires.

• Venezuela: Ex Minister Baduel asks again for Constitutional Assembly. Chávez: I must go in 2013 because you did not pass the reform. Chávez threatens to cut trade relations with Colombia. Police conducts a search at residence of opposition leader. Chávez: Domestic oil production to a standstill. Some Europeans do not like resistance. Foreign Vice-Minister Vladimir Villegas quits. Ex VP Rangel at odds with President Chávez. Venezuela, Belarus to operate other three oilfields. US dollars for cards exceed by 97% the quota for food.  IMPORTANT: RWB warns against use of exchange control to punish the dissenting media. Venezuela reviews use of US dollars withdrawals abroad.  Seven million workers outside of social security system. Chavez's hour and New Currency.

• CITGO starts delivering discounted fuel in the US through Joe Kennedy's "Citizens Energy."

• Castiglioni warns against likely rupture in Mercosur for Chávez's policies.

• Uribe announces "meeting area" for humanitarian swap. Colombia declines depositing reserves in Bank of the South. Nicaragua nationalizes Oil importation - buys oil from Venezuela.

• Cuba's dictatorship arrests ten people.

• Editor's Note - Peru: "Fujimori's Legacy."

• Analysis: "Venezuela - Chavez Down, Not Out." By: John R. Thomson - The Washington Times.

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