The Americas Report, December 20, 2007

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The Americas Report
December 20, 2007

Highlighted Story - "The Colombian Hostage Crisis Causes Uribe-Chavez Rift."

Main News -

• Argentina harshly attacks the US over "the suitcase scandal." "Governments (of Argentina and Venezuela) agreed to conceal origin of the funds." Venezuelan Antonini was offered USD 2 million to keep silence about "the suitcase scandal." Nestor Kirchner Strongly Criticizes the US. Argentina Assumes MERCOSUR Presidency.
Recent Bombs Cause Concern in Chile.
Student leaders ask the EU to fight "Chávez's dictatorship." Countdown to New Venezuela Currency. Chávez asks for reward for his patience to join Mercosur. Chávez warns the US: "Do not force us into a violent revolution" in Bolivia. Chávez promises not to invade Washington. CITGO contracts USD 1 billion debt for joint ventures. Chavez Meets With Castro in Cuba - Castro to retire.
Betancourt's relatives ask Uribe to return "good will" gesture to the FARC. Colombia reacts cautiously to alleged release of FARC hostages. France willing to take in Colombian FARC prisoners.
Ecuador Erects New Financial Structure. Ecuadorian police finds arsenal together with Osama bin Laden pictures. Ecuador's state oil company creates arm to manage former fields seized from Occidental.
Lula asks Argentina, Venezuela to solve unbalances in the hemisphere.
Cuba and China: bilateral cooperation in energy.

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