The Americas Report, January 31, 2008

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The Americas Report
January 31, 2008

Highlighted Story -  "The state Department's puzzling approach towards Chavez."
By Luis Fleischman

The undersecretary of State for Interamerican Affairs, Dr. Thomas Shannon, curiously expressed a positive attitude towards President Hugo Chavez by talking about the possibility of strengthening relations between Venezuela and the US. Shannon optimistically offered Chavez cooperation between the two countries on drug-traffic control even after John Walters, Director of The National Drug Control Policy Office, pointed out that Chavez was becoming a major facilitator of cocaine trafficking to Europe and other parts of the hemisphere. Shannon's offer came days after the liberation of the hostages by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) which confirmed the complicity between Hugo Chavez and the FARC. Why the top person responsible for our Latin American policy at the State Department has misinterpreted the facts undermining the Venezuelan opposition and further reducing US credibility in the region.

Main News
  • Washington rejects Chavez's accusations of military assault against Venezuela.
  • Bush Calls for Passage of Colombia, Panama Free Trade Agreements.
  • Colombia: President Alvaro Uribe with 80% popularity. Condoleezza Rice to visit Uribe. Uribe calls for investigation into alleged Venezuelan Mayor-FARC links. France asks Colombia for caution regarding siege on the FARC. Massive March In Opposition to the FARC Planned.
  • Venezuela: Baduel rejects belligerent status for FARC. Venezuelan Pleads Guilty in Cover-Up of Suitcase of Cash. Venezuela prevents smuggling of 5,000 tons of food. Pdvsa, govn't face debt maturities at USD 8 billion. Chávez to visit Russia and Belarus in February or March.
  • Peru rejects Chávez's and Ortega's criticisms. Canada and Peru seal free trade deal.
  • Argentina expects Chávez's financial aid. Venezuelan diplomat accused of illegal car trading in Argentina.
  • Chávez's proposed ALBA Army rejected in Nicaragua. Venezuelan aid to Nicaragua at USD 385 million.
  • Bolivia investigates missing funds from ALBA.
  • Mexico: Calderón Meets with Top-Level Mexico-France Group.
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