An Empty Revolution - The Unfulfilled Promises of Hugo Chávez

Por Venezuela Real - 22 de Febrero, 2008, 16:51, Categoría: Imagen gobierno / Chávez

Francisco Rodriguez
Foreign Affairs
Volume 87 No. 2

This is a must read article by Professor Francisco Rodriguez from Wesleyan University that appeared in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs. Professor Rodriguez was the Chief Economist in the Venezuelan National Assembly from 2000-2004. He has written extensively about the fraudulent nature of the Bolivarian revolution basing every one of his arguments on official facts which contradict official "misinformation" (a. k.a. lies).

As the crack lines begin to show in one of the most wasteful and corrosive exercises of power in modern history, it is clear that the gap between the talk and the walk is big enough to swallow and drown an entire country. Hugo Chavez is a daily or bi-daily distraction, the damage he has done to Venezuela is of quasi-permanent nature. Without totally taking our eyes and ears away from the bombastic autocrat, we must open our eyes to the consequences of his misrule. Professor Rodriguez's piece is an excellent starting point particularly for those that still think there are redeeming features to this criminal farce.

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