The Americas Report Feburary 28, 2008

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The Americas Report
February 28, 2008

Highlighted Story -  "Danger in the Region: Who's Behind the Protests in Peru."
Peruvian vice president Luis Giampietri blamed the protests on subversion by former presidential candidate, Ollanta Humala, and his Nationalist Peruvian Party (PNP). Some locals and government officials are convinced that the chaos is being financed by Hugo Chavez to destabilize the country and the region. The demonstrations have been infiltrated by members of the terrorist group, "Shining Path," as well as supporters of Chavez and Humala, all in an effort to block progress. Some locals complain that the armed forces are not reacting strongly enough against the demonstrators, which is true. The answer: they are afraid to be accused of "human rights violations." To learn more, please open the attachment.

Main News
  • Peru: Chavez & Daniel Ortega support Humala after charges brought up.
  • Argentinian President: The region needs Venezuela's oil reserves. With Bolivian gas supplies uncertain, Argentina looking for energy.
  • The FARC deliver four hostages to Venezuela - three Americans held by group in poor health. Release: another publicity stunt.
  • IMPORTANT: US: Venezuela purchases four times more weapons than it needs. Zapatero rejects Chávez's attitude. Venezuela: Chavez supporters invade chancery. Defendant in suitcase scandal was in touch with Venezuelan intelligence, newspaper says.
  • Mexico: Congress approves judicial reform.
  • Brazil and Argentina committed to building a nuclear submarine.
  • Nicaragua: Ahmadinejad says Iranian, Nicaraguan revolutions are twins.
  • Vatican Secretary of State Concludes Visit to Cuba.
  • PETROBRAS in Bolivia Again. Bolivia's Evo Calls off European Tour. Bolivia to Denounce "US Interference."
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