The Americas Report April 4, 2008

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The Americas Report
April 04, 2008

Highlighted Story - "Chavez's Move Into Peru with His 'Casas del Alba.'"
Nicole M. Ferrand.

For some time now, we have been reporting the interventions of Hugo Chavez into several countries in Latin America such as Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador. This past February, we followed a story regarding protests that were occurring in Cuzco, Peru which resulted in that beautiful city losing its status as one of the twelve venues for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) meetings. This was due to violent clashes between the police and some groups of farmers believed to have been promoted by former Presidential Candidate, Ollanta Humala, and financed by Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. Here is what is happening in Peru: recent evidence has come to light showing the Chavez - Humala menace is more dangerous than previously thought.

Main News -
  • Reyes Files Suggest Venezuela Bid to Aid Colombia FARC.
  • Bogotá rules out Chávez's role in mission to help Betancourt. Colombia says it found uranium linked to FARC. FARC rules out unilateral release of Betancourt. FARC-related news agency brands Sarkozy as "naïve".
  • Bolivian Political Dialogue Uncertain.
  • Venezuela: IAPA rejects judicial harassment against reporters and media. Washington concerned about Venezuela's arms purchases. Pdvsa's debt compromises 28.5 percent of assets.
  • Letters suggest FARC gave money to Correa. Ecuador Illegalizes Foreign Bases. Ecuador admits Colombia airspace violation.
  • Argentine farmers suspend strike.
  • Putin: Politic Dialogue and Cooperation with Cuba. Cuban President Meets Russian Minister.
  • Former Mexican President Fox: "Chávez is putting money in the FARC."
  • Chávez signs energy agreements in Brazil. Lula's administration most popular since 1990 in Brazil. Brazilian military joins battle against dengue epidemic.
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