$ 250m intended for Nicaraguan refinery is missing

Por Venezuela Real - 29 de Abril, 2008, 11:28, Categoría: Corrupción

Kenneth Rijock
April 29, 2008

A scandal of giant proportions is brewing in Nicaragua; of the $250m transferred for a petroleum refinery, only $1m can be accounted for. To add to the mystery, the funding source was Petroleos de Venezuela, (PdVSA), the Venezuelan government-owned petroleum agency, who sent the money to a joint governmental venture, Alba de Nicaragua SA (Albanisa), to build what was to be the largest refinery in Central America. Was this actually a well-executed money laundering operation, with the planned recipients being cash-poor politicians from the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) who are up for re-election? That's what many Nicaraguans are saying, and this time, they are right on the money. The funds are covert illegal campaign contributions, just like those previously injected into election campaigns in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and even Colombia, by corrupt Venezuelan elements.

It seems that a number of officials in Albanisa wear two hats; they are also high-level FSLN members, making illicit transfers of funds ostensibly earmarked for the refinery into campaign coffers easy. The FSLN is seeking to consolidate its gains, and take total control of the country, and Sandinistas standing for upcoming elections will be able to place advertising, and could influence corrupt government officials, as well as voters, with these new "campaign funds."

The question is whether Nicaragua will even open an enquiry into the missing millions, or whether the scandal will simply fade away. Will President Ortega ignore it?  We cannot say, but one wonders where all this illicit cash is presently reposing.

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