Police get training from Cuba

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El Nuevo Herald
May 15, 2008

The first contingent of Cuban police experts arrived this week in Venezuela with the task of designing a training program for the new Venezuelan National Police Force.

The Cuban police delegation is led by Ramón Rodríguez Curbelo, chief of the National Revolutionary Police of Cuba, who will be in charge of a three-month training program that will take place in Cuba.

Various Venezuelan police units are expected to be cycled through the program on the island.

The arrival of Rodríguez Curbelo in Caracas coincides with a similar mission by agents of the Nicaraguan police who will also conduct training courses for their Venezuelan counterparts.

''In June, July and August, institutional visits will take place to highly experienced police organizations that have shown great results in training officers of communitarian police forces such as Cuba and the revolutionary police of Nicaragua; both successful models,'' Venezuela's Minister of the Interior, Ramon Rodríguez Chacin, said at a recent press conference.

According to the minister, the training program's objective will be to carry out the ''Law of National Police'' recently approved by the government for the creation of ''community'' police forces throughout the country.

Three pilot precincts have already been established in low-income neighborhoods in Caracas. The pilot precincts were created with the help of Cuban and Nicaraguan police, Wilmer Flores Trossell, Caracas police commissioner, told reporters.

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