Falling for Hugo Chávez

Por Venezuela Real - 14 de Junio, 2008, 18:15, Categoría: Imagen gobierno / Chávez

Isabel Lara
Washington Post
June 14, 2008

I was sorry to see that Hugo Chávez's public relations efforts worked so well in the June 11 Style article "Hugo Chávez: Portrait of a Man With Many Faces." His orchestrated campaign to woo celebrities and international media while he threatens freedom of speech at home seems to be succeeding.

I was appalled by Milton Coleman's description of Chávez complimenting "the beautiful eyes of a Spanish reporter," without a mention of the fact that journalists in Venezuela have been harassed, attacked and imprisoned for writing critically about the government.

The author seemed impressed that Chávez carries around a miniature version of his country's constitution -- no small irony given that Chávez has broken laws and has tried to amend the constitution whenever it doesn't suit his whims.

I hope that The Post stays objective in its analysis of the Venezuelan situation, despite this guided tour of the Bolivarian revolution.

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