Venezuela’s Internal affairs: a challenge to the US Policy Makers

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Louis Fletchman
The Americas Report
August 07, 2008

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"Venezuela's Internal affairs: a challenge to the US Policy Makers."
Hugo Chavez's ambitious foreign policy is and continues to be a threat to US interests as well as to the peace and stability of the region. As we, at the America's Report, have extensively reported, Chavez seeks not only to consolidate absolute power at home but also expand his ideological agenda abroad which consists of duplicating his regime in neighboring countries. After two Colombian military operations that uncovered Chavez' long-suspected support for the FARC, the Venezuelan leader is trying to give the impression of being a "changed man" fearing that in the local elections that will take place on November 23, the Chavistas may lose. To avoid this outcome he gave instructions to the country's general comptroller to illegally disqualify more than 400 candidates for office. To continue reading, please open the attachment.

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  • OF IMPORTANCE: New Decrees from Chávez Mirror Spurned Measures. Dissenting student movement rebuts high court decision on banning. Venezuelans protest against ban. Chavez Obtains Russian Fighter Jets. Venezuela buys additional USD 1 billion in Argentinean bonds. President of Belarus Security Council visits Venezuela.  Chávez announces upcoming agreement to buy Banco de Venezuela. NEWS FLASH: Venezuela among the 10 largest buyers of Russian weapons. NEWS FLASH: Chávez to attend UN General Assembly.
  • Two killed as summit cancelled in Bolivia protests.
  • Brazil and Argentina leaders ratify "strategic alliance." Brazil changing military strategy to rapid strike force.
  • Argentine president tough stance scares investors. Argentine farmers and officials agree after months of strife. Argentine vice president cheered by farmers at Palermo show (in opposition to Kirchners).
  • Uruguay's ruling coalition leads in vote intention with 42%.
  • Ecuador: 47% back Correa's draft constitution.
  • Sierra Leone minister removed in connection with Venezuelan drug.
  • US indicts Colombian terrorist.
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