Opposition misses election opportunities

Por Venezuela Real - 30 de Agosto, 2008, 14:05, Categoría: Oposición/Resistencia

Arcaya & Asociados
Agosto 30, 2008

EVENT: A major opposition demonstration is planned for August 30. 
SIGNIFICANCE: The barring of 386 pro- and anti-government candidates  from November's regional elections is unlikely to affect the outcome of an electoral contest that the government remains strongly positioned to win.
ANALYSIS: In December 2007, President Hugo Chavez experienced his first electoral defeat in nearly a decade when voters narrowly rejected his  constitutional reform proposals. The unified opposition movement was  expected to capitalise on this setback for the government, parlaying voter  discontent with the Bolivarian Revolution into a strong showing in  November 23 regional elections. However, with under three months to go  before voters choose 23 state governors, 328 mayors and 233 legislative  council members, there is little evidence that the opposition has the  coherence necessary to achieve an electoral breakthrough. 
Opposition weaknesses. The anti-government movement is an eclectic  alliance that came together six years ago. There is now broad consensus that  the opposition made a number of strategic blunders in their early campaign  to unseat Chavez -- in particular, the decision not to participate in elections  that handed the already popular Chavistas control of elected offices across  the country and in the National Assembly. 

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