The Americas Report October 9, 2008

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Americas Report October
October 09, 2008

by Luis Fleischman.*

As Venezuelan regional and municipal elections are scheduled to take place on November 23rd, polls seem to indicate that Hugo Chavez is losing in a number of localities. This brings anxiety to this "elected dictator." Venezuela's huge overspending in populist generosity while trying to influence political events in neighboring countries is bringing about the bankruptcy of his own country. The Venezuelan government began an austerity program aimed at reducing public spending. Such economic, social and political deficit brings about despair which is reflected in the increase of government repression. For more on the increased violence in Venezuela and its victims, please open the attachment.

• Ecuador's Constitutional Reform: A Democratic Transition to Tyrannical Rule.
By Luis Fleischman.*

On Sunday, the 28th of September, 2008, Ecuadorians voted to ratify the new constitution. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the constitution. The victory appeared to be the result of populist policies carried out by President Rafael Correa heavily funded by Hugo Chavez who provides $3 billion a year to the Correa government. The process that led to the nomination of the constituent assembly was full of violent rhetoric and attacks by Correa on the political opposition; including the illegal firing of almost 60 members of Congress. The approval of Ecuador's Constitution is, in essence, a "democratic" transition to tyranny which represents a serious danger as it is the founding of an absolutist model-state which is the first stage of what will inevitably become part of a larger ominous regional coalition led by Hugo Chavez. To read more, please open the attachment.

News -

  • Argentina reluctant to accept a repeat of farmers' conflict.
  • Argentina accuses the FBI of "coercion and bribery" in the "suitcase scandal." Venezuelan Interior Minister: "Antonini Wilson is an FBI and CIA agent."
  • Peruvian Congress' Speaker denounces Chávez's meddling.
  • NEWS ALERT:  Russia and Bolivia ink helicopter deal.  Crisis talks in Bolivia end without agreement.
  • Brazil hardest hit by Monday's carnage in Latam markets.
  • Ecuador: Correa's threat to oil companies. Correa blasts Uribe's decision to skip Andean Summit.
  • Colombia's FARC Linked to Mexico Drug Cartels. Obama Opposes Vote on Colombia FTA.
  • NEWS ALERT: Russia to modernize Nicaraguan military's arsenal.
  • Venezuela: Publishers and editors of the Americas ask UN to investigate attacks against press in Venezuela. Ex Defense Minister and Chavez's critic detained. Venezuela strengthens economic and ideological ties with Iran. Russia-Venezuela to Review Agreements. Chavez promises he'll be in office until 2021. Venezuelan Interior Minister brands IAPA as "opposition party."
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