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Por Venezuela Real - 11 de Octubre, 2008, 18:59, Categoría: Política Internacional

Luis Gallegos
Washington Post
 October 11, 2008

Two weeks ago, citizens of Ecuador ratified a new constitution, with 64 percent supporting it. Like the U.S. Constitution, ours allows an elected president to serve two terms. It gives him authority commonly vested in the executive branch of democratic governments. It was shocking to see the Oct. 6 editorial "A Choice for Latin America," which mocked that progress as a plot by Venezuela and even Cuba against the United States.

It's hard to imagine that voters in Ecuador had Hugo Chávez or Havana on their minds. More likely, they expressed their hopes for a better Ecuador. Reducing poverty, creating trust, diversifying trade relationships and protecting our borders from drug traffickers are our priorities. The United States can help by keeping trade fair and balanced under the Andean Trade Preference Act, which Congress just extended.

The United States also should rethink its approach to combating drugs. Ecuador is the only Andean country with no coca production. We have put blood, sweat and money into the fight against narco-trafficking. The next U.S. president -- and your editorial writers -- need to understand not just superficial similarities but also the significant differences among our countries.

The writer is Ecuador's ambassador to the UVer opciones avanzadasnited States.

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