The Americas Report October 23, 2008

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The Americas Report
October 23, 2008

Feature -

"The Russian - Venezuelan Strategic Alliance."
Benjamin Miller* / Nancy Menges.*

As relations between the U.S. and Russia have continued to deteriorate, Moscow has increasingly looked for opportunities to get even with Washington.  Exactly what prompted this shift in foreign relations can be traced directly to Putin's concerns pertaining to NATO expansion and American aide relief to former Soviet republics such as Georgia.  It is no secret that Russia has continued to sell advanced weapons systems and technology to countries like Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and China despite shared intelligence linking several of these governments to illicit trade and terror networks.  Likewise, one need only follow the money trail to see that Russia has now set its sights on Latin America and particularly on Venezuela. To learn more, please open the attachment.

News -
  • NEWS FLASH: Argentina: Kirchner regime seizes pension funds. Former President Menem on Trial for Arms Smuggling.
  • Bolivia's Morales renounces possible third term. Bolivia legislators agree to put draft constitution before voters
  • Venezuelan businessman to provide details about alleged kickbacks in his country. Miami trial reveals "rampant corruption" in Venezuela deals. NEWS FLASH: Customs officer: other suitcases smuggled into Argentina.
  • McCain: Colombia FTA Benefits U.S. Obama's Colombia Mistake. Opposition group asks Uribe to delve into Venezuelan links to FARC.
  • Ecuador's new constitution goes into effect.
  • "ALBA houses" in Peru asked to account for funds. Peru's PM turning friends to foes.
  • Uruguay's coalition decides: "turn left" or "steady course."
  • NEWS FLASH: Iranian delegation shares expertise with Venezuelan officials. Chávez unveils plans to build new naval base. NEWS FLASH: Venezuela to buy third generation armored vehicles from Russia. Gazprom to become Russia-Venezuela energy consortium operator. NEWS FLASH: The US slaps sanctions on Iran bank in Venezuela.
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