Suitcase trial casts light on Venezuelan corruption

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The Americas Report
November 06, 2008

  • Feature : The Upcoming Russian -Venezuelan Naval Exercises." by Benjamin Miller

Russia has dispatched part of its Northern Fleet to the Caribbean for the country's first ever naval exercises with Venezuela.  The exercises, scheduled to take place November 10th-14th, will include a number of Russian and Venezuelan warships. Intentionally ambiguous statements issued by the Russian government allow only for speculation regarding their motives behind the scheduled incursion into the Southern Hemisphere.  The departure time of the Russian naval group, however, is peculiarly close to recently voiced Russian grievances about U.S. ships deployed on aid and relief missions in the Black Sea.  Indeed, Putin's prompt warning regarding the U.S. presence, "Our response will be calm, not hysterical, but there will definitely be a response," supports the notion that there is a significant political message being conveyed to the United States government.  To read more, please open the attachment.


  • Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua give thumbs-up to Obama.
  • Argentina Impoverishes Itself Again.
  • Venezuelan found guilty in suitcase scandal will be convicted next January 12. Uruguay investigates local ramifications of suitcase scandal.
  • Bolivian president suspends US anti-drug efforts.
  • Brazil's Petrobras agrees to explore for oil offshore Cuba.
  • Colombian Army General Resigns. For delaying new oil contract, Repsol is ousted from Ecuador.
  • Mexico interior minister aboard plane that crashed.
  • NEWS ALERT: Venezuela launches first satellite with Chinese technology. Venezuela to buy K-8 jet trainers from China. Former Russian minister advocates joint maneuvers with Venezuela. Drug shipments are increasingly departing from Venezuela. Spanish shipyards and Pdvsa finalize deal on five vessels. Chavez velvet warning to Nobel Peace Lech Walesa. Top electoral official attempts investigation against Chávez. Chavez threatens opposition rival.

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