Americas Report: The Upcoming Elections in Venezuela

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The Americas Report
November 13, 2008

Feature -                           
  • The Upcoming Elections in Venezuela - Nicole M. Ferrand.*
On November 23, 2008 regional elections will be held in Venezuela. These will be the first elections to be held since President Hugo Chavez founded the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, PSUV in Spanish). For a majority of Venezuelans these elections are an opportunity to put a stop to Chavez's plans to stay in power and impose a socialist model in the country and they are encouraged by the polls which give the opposition the upper hand in many localities. Although Chávez is not running, he is vociferously campaigning for the PSUV's candidates. His public appearances have been marked by a violent and threatening rhetoric which has convinced voters that he is afraid of losing important positions to the opposition. To learn more, please open the attachment.

News -
  • News Alert: Suitcase scandal: key witness confirms Kirchner involvement. Argentina's prospects for 2009: flat growth and 20% inflation. Argentina still planning to repay Paris Club debt.
  • Brazil admits pre-salt oil deposits could hold 80 billion barrels.
  • Colombia: "FARC is kidnapping people in Venezuela."
  • New Fidel Castro photo surfaces.
  • Mexican Government Fights Organized Crime.
  • Nicaragua to review disputed mayoral election.
  • Ex Paraguay leader accused of public funds squander.
  • In Peru, a Rebellion Reborn.
  • Spain expects Venezuela's local elections to run "normally." About 130 foreign observers in local elections. Govn't puts pressure on Central Bank for contributions to special fund. Chávez announces removal of Venezuelan consul in Houston. Venezuela to continue buying weapons for self-defense and protection of oil.
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