The Americas Report: December 03, 2008.

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The Americas Report
December 03, 2008

Feature -

"Chavez Proclaims Himself the Winner in the Venezuelan Elections."
Nicole M. Ferrand and Nancy Menges."

The results of the Venezuelan state and municipal elections that took place on November 23rd 2008 have been interpreted in many ways. Some analysts believe that Chavez was victorious because his political party the, PSUV, (the United Socialist Party) won 17 of the 22 state governorships, including the state of Barinas. In addition the PSUV was able to obtain two-thirds of the total national vote. However, the opposition also did well by winning in critically important areas of the country. In spite of this achievement Chavez considers himself the winner and presses forward to change the Constitution and make himself dictator for life. Still other analysts are saying that it was a victory for the opposition since they were able to capture the most populous and economically important cities and states. In the grand picture, the results show that while Chavez's popularity has taken a downward slide, the new scenario continues to be complicated for those who want Chavez to leave the presidency. To continue reading, please open the attachment.

News -
  • Suitcase scandal Venezuelan lawyer sentenced to jail.
  • Following visit Russian leader calls for bigger Latam role.
  • Vote creates unlikely foe for leader of Argentina. Argentina denies cutting trade links with Iran.
  • "Technical recession" forecasted for Brazil early 2009.
  • UNASUR Reports on Bolivia Massacre.
  • Chile-Peruvian spat.
  • Colombia expresses serious concerns about wiretapping in Venezuela. Colombian congresspersons ask to demand Chávez for spying. Colombia recalls Venezuela consul on Chavez threat.
  • Ingrid Betancourt met Rafael Correa.
  • US releases first part of drug aid for Mexico.
  • Nicaragua Asks U.S. For War Reparations in Aid Row.
  • APEC forum helps boost Peruvian president standing.
  • Uruguay, Colombia, Peru won't support Kirchner in Unasur.
  • Coalition government for Uruguay 2010, whoever wins.
  • Two opposition leaders and ex candidate for mayor found dead. Chavez re-launches presidential indefinite re-election project. Chavez: Referendum to be held in February. Chávez is running for 2012 presidential election. Venezuelan students begin campaigning against indefinite reelection. Congressman files new charges against major opposition leader.

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